About ProteinXpress

Be part of the health revolution with ProteinXpress. As well as smoothies, ProteinXpress stock a range of raw treats, protein balls and cubes along with other nutrient rich snacks that are suitable for diabetics and vegans. We also stock a range of gluten free and weight loss enabling products. Make the healthy choice today and visit ProteinXpress.

Our philosophy is that a busy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean an unhealthy lifestyle. At ProteinXpress we embrace new advancements in the supplement industry and utilise our expertise to produce high quality flavourful beverages and snacks that will not only make your taste buds jump for joy but also look after your nutritional needs with a healthy personalised flavour.

So if you’re thinking Nutrition, think ProteinXpress – from smoothies to high antioxidant teas and nutrient-dense snacks; who thought healthy could taste so good? Whether you need a quick meal on the go or just finished a massive workout, ProteinXpress is the number one choice for any healthy lifestyle.

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