Nutritional Info

Serving Size - 610ml

Drink Name Energy Protein Fat Saturated Carbohydrates Sugar Dietary Fibre Sodium
Banutty 1464 KJ (350 Cal) 39.3g 4.4g 0.9g 42.2g 26.9g 3.7g 255.6mg
Berry Banana Balance 972 KJ (232 Cal) 38.4g 2.6g 0.4g 20.5g 12.1g 4.1g 157.2mg
Berry Nice 780 KJ (187 Cal) 36.7g 0.5g 0.2g 14.7g 13.3g 0.5g 124.8mg
Bulkin’ Berries 1331 KJ (318 Cal) 38.5g 5.4g 3.5g 37.7g 23.5g 4.1g 105.0mg
Cherry Bright 831 KJ (199 Cal) 27.5g 5.1g 3.3g 10.5g 9.1g 0.7g 90.9mg
Chia Colada 1047 KJ (250 Cal) 38.5g 5.7g 3.1g 19.0g 11.9g 3.9g 102.9mg
Cinnamon Blast 972 KJ (232 Cal) 38.2g 2.4g 0.3g 18.0g 9.0g 4.9g 219.5mg
Iced Caramel Latte 968 KJ (231 Cal) 42.7g 0.5g 0.3g 30.7g 10.0g 0.1g 206.2mg
Kale Kickstarter 1251 KJ (299 Cal) 30.7g 2.9g 0.4g 43.8g 27.8g 9.1g 109.5mg
Mango-Go-Go 985 KJ (236 Cal) 37.4g 1.2g 0.1g 24.9g 20.8g 3.6g 124.2mg
Mighty Mocha 906 KJ (216 Cal) 42.6g 0.5g 0.3g 12.8g 10.4g 0.7g 220.4mg
Mint To Be 933 KJ (223 Cal) 27.3g 1.6g 0.5g 27.8g 19.9g 4.5g 101.6mg
Sneaky Snicker 1012 KJ (242 Cal) 39.6g 6.5g 1.1g 19.1g 3.1g 2.2g 256.1mg
Strawberries & Clean 787 KJ (188 Cal) 36.8g 0.7g 0.4g 14.9g 13.4g 0.4g 124.7mg
Vegan Vital 1053 KJ (252 Cal) 28.4g 3.1g 0.5g 28.6g 15.8g 5.1g 303.6mg

Serving Size - 450ml

Drink Name Energy Protein Fat Saturated Carbohydrates Sugar Dietary Fibre Sodium
Banutty 1063 KJ (254 Cal) 25.3g 4.3g 0.9g 26.8g 17.4g 2.0g 212.2mg
Berry Banana Balance 797 KJ (191 Cal) 24.7g 2.2g 0.3g 18.8g 11.0g 2.0g 124.8mg
Berry Nice 596 KJ (142 Cal) 23.1g 0.4g 0.2g 11.9g 10.9g 0.3g 96.9mg
Bulkin’ Berries 882 KJ (211 Cal) 24.1g 4.4g 2.9g 20.3g 12.7g 3.3g 79.4mg
Cherry Bright 591 KJ (141 Cal) 20.1g 4.2g 2.8g 5.7g 4.8g 0.5g 68.5mg
Chia Colada 759 KJ (181 Cal) 24.2g 4.5g 2.6g 12.6g 8.1g 2.4g 78.2mg
Cinnamon Blast 812 KJ (194 Cal) 24.5g 2.0g 0.2g 17.3g 8.7g 2.9g 187.2mg
Iced Caramel Latte 735 KJ (176 Cal) 28.2g 0.4g 0.2g 22.8g 8.5g 0.1g 157.5mg
Kale Kickstarter 821 KJ (196 Cal) 21.1g 1.6g 0.3g 27.8g 18.9g 4.9g 80.8mg
Mango-Go-Go 681 KJ (163 Cal) 23.4g 0.7g 0.1g 16.1g 13.5g 1.8g 96.5mg
Mighty Mocha 697 KJ (167 Cal) 28.1g 0.4g 0.2g 10.2g 8.7g 0.5g 172.1mg
Mint To Be 683 KJ (163 Cal) 20.3g 1.3g 0.4g 20.0g 14.5g 3.1g 81.3mg
Sneaky Snicker 812 KJ (194 Cal) 25.9g 6.1g 1.1g 12.4g 2.8g 0.2g 207.6mg
Strawberries & Clean 590 KJ (141 Cal) 23.2g 0.5g 0.2g 11.9g 10.5g 0.3g 96.8mg
Vegan Vital 685 KJ (164 Cal) 20.7g 2.5g 0.4g 14.8g 7.5g 1.7g 230.9mg

Serving Size - serve

Drink Name Energy Protein Fat Saturated Carbohydrates Sugar Dietary Fibre Sodium
Protein Balls 802 KJ (191 Cal) 6g 12g 6g 14g 11g 41mg

Fruit changes with the seasons so the nutritional profile and flavour can vary. The nutrition information is based on drinks prepared with their displayed liquid base. Whenever
changes in nutrition information and recipes occur, we’ll do our very best to keep you in the loop. Products may contain traces of dairy, wheat, gluten, nuts, soy and tree nuts.
Our whey protein does not contain gluten. Soy protein is gluten, dairy and lactose free.