Protein for Women – What’s it All About?

Posted on December 24th, 2016

Green Living


Calling all ladies – do you want to get the low-down on what this whole Protein thing is all about? Looking for options to pump up your protein count, get fit, tone up, build muscles and lose weight? Then you need to get the right nutrition. If you are scared of having protein shakes because you do not want to get fat, then bust the myth and get into ProteinXpress where you can pick up an Amino Charged smoothie using only the highest quality Whey Protein Isolate.

International-protein is a famous and well renowned Protein supplier known for supplying quality protein products. Amino charged WPI by International Protein is a core ingredient used by ProteinXpress and is perfect for women who want to tone their body and increase their protein intake.

ProteinXpress only uses the best hydrolysed whey protein which is isolated in di and tri forms with added arginine,glutamine and whey protein isolate. ProteinXpress nutrient rich beverages provide your body with essential nutrients and ingredients have been clinically proven to increase your metabolic energy.

Benefits of using Amino charged WPI

  1. Intake of Amino charged WPI is helpful in reducing muscle catabolism and is suggested to be taken two-three times daily for increasing your intake of protein.
  2. This protein powder is suitable especially for women who want to increase their protein intake and increase their muscle tissue. Consumption of Amino charged WPI is also useful in increasing your energy levels.
  3.  Amino charged WPI is a low carbohydrate protein powder with high protein which can be used by everyone for putting on muscle, losing weight, increasing your daily protein intake, and muscle recovery.
  4. Amino charged WPI also consists of amino acids which contain high concentration BCAAs.
  5. No stabilizers or fillers are used and is easily digested.  It is also free from vegetable gums, gluten, soy and the dreaded glutamine peptides derived from wheat.
  6. Amino charged WPI Is a high-grade, high-quality protein that is utilised right across the ProteinXpress Beverage Range.